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The Woolmer Forest Timebank is a friendly group of individuals and organisations who swap skills and exchange support in the Whitehill & Bordon area of East Hampshire.

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Members help each other out or share hobbies, skills & knowledge and earn time credits in return. These can be “spent” on themselves or donated to a community pot to help others. For example Sandra shops for Dennis and earns an hour’s time credit. She uses it to ask Ling to explain how to download apps on her Smart phone. The possibilities are endless.

Organisations can be members too – offering skills, services and resources such as the use of a community space for an hour or an hour’s advice on marketing. The time credits earned could be used to request extra help at an event or support with leaflet delivery for example.Offers and requests available are promoted on the Timebank website & IT system, at Timebank meetings and in regular newsletters. In addition, there are Timebank staff who help members recognize the skills they have, find the support they need and follow procedures to keep everyone safe.

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Everyone’s time is valued equally – an hour for an hour.

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Local businesses and community groups can join too!

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