Free Computer Course – Microsoft Word – 6 week course

Monday 23rd October 2023 at 10am - 12 Whitehill Village Hall

These courses are free and designed for beginners wanting to become more proficient with their computers.

The courses are run for small groups by Phil in cooperation with The Whitehill Village Hall and Woolmer Forest Timebank. The courses will be held in Room 3 on Monday mornings.

If you would like to attend any or all of these courses please email us here

Or call us on 01420 559030


  • Microsoft Word (6 weeks) October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th and November 6th
  • Microsoft Excel (4 weeks) November 13th, 20th, 27th and December 4th

These courses are designed to help people get to grips with their computer and

to get up to speed with the popular Microsoft Office software package.

By popular demand, the courses will concentrate on:

Microsoft Word is the most popular and feature-rich word processor and is
useful for writing formal letters, reports, meeting minutes, documents and

Microsoft Excel is a premium and most popular spreadsheet program on the
market and an essential tool to organize, manipulate and analyse all kinds of
data. Useful as a database of information with calculation capabilities.

Course Pre-requisites:
General proficiency is required on using your PC/Laptop using Microsoft Windows
software (Windows 10/11), which includes file management and storage.

The courses will concentrate on using Microsoft Office 2019, although other variants will
be similar. The full software package can be purchased and installed on your laptop for
between £20-30. Please have this available before the start of each course. Advice can
be provided on how to do this, if required.

Please make sure that your computer is up-to-date and fully charged up. If you don’t
have a laptop to use, there will be several laptops available that you can borrow. Please
let Timebank know in advance, if required.

It will not be necessary to sign up to all three courses (including Computer Basics),
but once you have indicated which courses you would like to attend, please make
every effort to be present so that places are not lost.

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